Tips For Choosing The Best Forex Broker

Forex trading has become very popular in the past few years. There are many reasons why this happened but today i would like to focus on how to choose the best forex broker so you can benefit from this exciting market as well.

Here are my tips for finding a broker:

1. Year of establishment - One of the most important aspects when looking for a forex broker is how old the company is. A new company that does not have a proven track record of being honest and professional is very risky. You should find a broker like for example, that has been around since 1998. This will give you the confidence that your broker won’t take your money and run away with it.

2. Number of trading assets - While most brokers offer the basic trading assets like EUR/USD or GBP/USD, some forex brokers offer many other currency pairs, some being very uncommon. If you are an expert in a certain economy and would like to take advantage of it’s currency, make sure the forex broker you choose has this currency as one of it’s offered trading assets. This will allow you to trade more comfortably in currencies that you are familiar with.

3. Spreads and trading fees - Forex brokers typically make their money from the spreads between buying and selling of the currency pairs or from a set processing fee they make from each trade. While it might look that the differences between each broker’s fees are small, you should take into consideration that it all adds up. 1 pip difference in a 1 lot deal is about $10. If you plan on being an active trader this can easily get to over $1000 per month without you even noticing. So make sure you find the broker that gives you the tightest spreads possible.

4. Regulation - It is very important to trade with a regulated broker. What this simply means is that behind your forex broker there is a governmental financial organization that regulates your broker, making sure that everything is legitimate. In the past there were many stories of traders who lost huge sums of money not because they took the wrong trade but because they chose the wrong broker. When your broker is not regulated you have no where to go if there is a problem with your broker.

Following these tips will help you reduce your risk of trading forex to the minimum.

An In-Depth Overview Of Forex Auto Copy = The Automatic Forex Trade Copying System

Forex Auto Copy is one of the latest features of FX Junction, a leading social trading network for worldwide Forex traders. Auto Copy allows traders to automatically copy the trades of other groups of traders or individual traders. The system tracks all copied trades and keeps them in sync with the account of the leader. A comprehensive breakdown of the performance of the copied trades is displayed in the Performance section, where the allocations can be added, adjusted or removed at any time.


The level of risk in a portfolio can be controlled. Once a trader has been added to a portfolio, the lot size, maximum lots and maximum trades that can be open at any particular time can be designated. Maximum open lots and trades for an entire account can also be designated.

Performance Index is used to assess traders, which is a proprietary algorithm through which an account is evaluated on eleven different metrics related to performance and risk. The metrics include the age of the account, average daily returns, average trade durations, number of trades, overall return and many others.

The index number that is eventually obtained is somewhere between 0 and 100 (better if it is higher). The index number precisely reflects the performance of an account instead of returns based on overall or percentage gain, or pips.


FX Junction has a FX Copy Lead & Earn Rebate program and approves certain traders as leaders. Traders who have platinum partner brokers to a live trading account often copy the trades of approved leaders because of their live account performance and the leaders earn commissions each time their trades are copied. FX Copy Bridge with a chart attached to it at all times can be used to keep the platform online.

Other Systems (EAs & Robots)

Forex Auto Copy manages trades traders place through this particular system only. This system does not deal with any other automatic or manual trades. Traders are responsible to determine whether or not other systems will be compatible with their robots. An additional bonus is that a unique magic number can be assigned in order to track the performance of the robots. The performance report displays the results of trades that your EA places as “Other(EA).”


All members of FX Junction can use Forex Auto Copy without paying anything; however, this feature can only be used by trades who trade with an FX Copy Partner Broker. Any trade who has made consistent and profitable trades can take part advantage of the system and publish trades that can be copied by other trades.

Forex tips for the beginners that will help you save your hard-earned dollars

Like all the financial vehicles that one uses to make money, the forex is also a risky one. If you don’t take the right steps, you might end up losing money and the zeal to deal with currencies ever again in your life. The concerns of this article will deal with some vital forex trading tips that the beginners should follow in order to avoid losing your dollars. Many experienced traders say that the novice forex traders bleed money mainly because they’re not aware of the principles that they should follow. Here’s some help for you.

  1. You need to manage your dollars: The first and foremost rule for every forex trader is to survive in the tough competition. Every trader has suffered from losing trades but in case you go bankrupt, you can certainly pull yourself to a position where you don’t have any winning trades. Hence, before everything else, you need to ensure that you stay in the game. Focus exclusively on having a lucrative trading strategy that is good enough to reap profits.
  2. Make sure you use a stop loss: Did you know that the stop loss is the most effective weapon of a forex trader, which is similar to ‘fold’ for a professional poker player. It is the stop loss that will allow you to predetermine the risk on a currency pair and hence it is always wise enough to use it. A stop loss will also force you to think about when the trade that you are about to put on may result in a failure.
  3. Try to be realistic: Unless and until you’re too lucky, you shouldn’t expect to close a deal at 80% or turn a $500 trading capital into a $10,000 trading capital within a period of 6 months. With such kinds of expectations, you’re sure to end up in failure. Hence, you should always try to be realistic, right from the beginning. Ask yourself how much time you can spend on learning and trading so that you may have a clear understanding of the tricks.

Hence, when you’re wondering about the tips that you need to follow while trading, you may take into account the above mentioned tips. However, for more information on the basics of forex trading, you can visit ETX forex trading as this website is fully focussed on forex and will help you in many ways.

Various Aspects of Forex Auto Copy – Know More

Forex auto copy is trading software that helps you copy the trading moves of others members automatically. The system tracks the trades that have been copied and keeps them linked with the account of the leader. The performance of all individual traders are broken down and shown on the performance section. You may access it anytime and gets your allocations adjusted, deleted or added.

Can I control the level of risk for each trader in my portfolio?

Under a given time a fixed number of lots, a fixed number of trades and a specified lot size can be opened. You’ll need to mention these factors in your portfolio after you’ve added a trader. For the whole of your account, you may mention the highest number of open trades and open lots that are allowed.

Can I actually view my Auto Copy earnings?

There’s this section called Rebates that you may visit for checking out the Forex auto copy earnings.

What are orphan trades?

There’s a trading activity section which marks the Orphan Trades with an alert icon that appears in the form of a yellow triangle. Whenever the source account fails to track a trade it is termed as an Orphan Trade.

This can happen due to the following causes –

  • A person has closed his trade when you were copying it, since your account was offline.
  • Your request couldn’t be processed by the broker or he simply rejected it.
  • Closing of the trade happened when you were copying a person whose account was offline.

Is it easy to close the orphan trades?

The lower half of your “My Portfolio” tab will show you through a switch that mentions Auto Close Orphan Trades. Once detected, the Auto Close Orphan Trades will be closed automatically once they are enabled (shown in orange). These trades can be closed by you manually at your responsibility once your portfolio deletes the name of a trader or when the function gets disabled. Such closing of trades can be done at your sole discretion. Your Open Trades panel has a drop-down menu that allows all of your Orphan Trades to be closed manually once you opt for a Quick Close in your Trading Activity.

Does Auto Copy allow any other system to be traded alongside?

Forex auto copy is a system that helps in placing trades and managing them. This system doesn’t touch upon similar automated, manually driven or other types of trades. Whether other systems will get along well with a trader’s robots can be determined by him; it’s his responsibility.

A certain magic number can be assigned by the trader to measure the performance of his robots. This is certainly an added bonus for him. This number is shown in EA inputs. The performance report of a trader depicts the outcomes of trades placed by his EA under the heading Other (EA).

Performance index and the way it is calculated

About 12 distinct metrics concerning risk and performance can be evaluated with the help of a proprietary algorithm. This algorithm is used to determine the performance index. The outcome of this is some index number varying between 0 and 100; the higher it is it’s favorable for the trading. Instead of overall gain or simple pips, the entire performance of an account is accurately reflected by this index number. Amongst a variety of things, you have factors like profit, average daily return, overall return, number of trades, average trading duration and age of account, which are considered to be the calculation metrics.


Currency Trading: How to Manage Your Risk

Irrespective of whether you’re a professional trader or an amateur who’s just dipping your toes in the shallows, there are always ways to improve your trading strategy. These methods are manifold, and different approaches will have varying levels of success for different people. Hints and tips can be found everywhere: on the internet; in news articles; during seminars delivered by companies like FxPro; even here.


One of these strategies is learning how to manage risk. The beauty and the tragedy of forex is that profit is as easy to lose as it is to make. It is no use earning a fortune on the market if you’re not going to guard yourself against losing it: success means nothing if you cannot hold onto it. Thus, understanding how to manage risk is vital to the erstwhile trader.


Of course, this sounds good in theory, but how do you actually minimise risk?


Use Limit Orders


A limit order is the sensible trader’s best friend. It works by allowing you to ‘lock in’ your desired profit, instructing the system to exit your position when your target amount has been reached. Be sure to sit down and work out what this amount is before you embark, so that the strategy is in place to protect you.


Use Stop/Loss Orders


Another important tool in the trader’s armoury is the stop/loss order, which gives you control over how much money you’re willing to risk losing. Such an order will work by instructing the system to exit a position when a maximum loss limit, set by you, is reached. This means that you can place a cap on how much you’re willing to lose, thus preventing financial ruin for those savvy enough to utilise them.


Make Use of the Tools at Your Disposal


A common mistake made by amateur traders is not to take full advantage of limit and stop/loss orders. For those who are willing to devote the time to formulating them, these tools can be used to place profit and loss parameters on all trades. This removes emotion from the trading equation, reducing the role of trader to stone cold mathematician. The inexperienced, however, have a tendency to watch their screens religiously, reacting to each movement in every one of their positions. They try to stretch themselves too thinly, miss critical action points and thus jeopardise their whole trading strategy. If, instead, you make use of the tools available to you, this frantic panic and unduly reactionary trading can be avoided.


Of course, trading forex will always carry a risk: that’s the beauty of it. However, this does not mean that this cannot be minimised and manipulated by those who understand the system – it’s up to you to decide whether you want to be one of them.

Binary options Demo Account with No Deposit

Binary options have recently rose to great importance given their simplicity yet consistent
returns. But well, nothing comes without paying a price. There being thousands of binary
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I, George, am a forex expert and have personally used a few of these binary options brokers so
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After analysing and getting to the logic of how these brokers worked with the systems, I decided
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Here’s a list of brokers that give you a binary options demo account with no deposit
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1. TickTackTrade
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The deposit and withdrawal are very easy which is something that is rare in this industry, so what more can you ask for?
2. CT Option
CT Option is a trusted binary options broker and is totally US friendly. It has a secured and
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3.Yes Option
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4.Redwood Option
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5. Power Option
Power Option gives a free demo account with a simple registration process that needs to be
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Demo accounts being the new way to have users believe in the system, only authentic binary
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Forex Tutorials: Is It Worthwhile to Take their Help?

As a forex engrossed newbie it gets much easier for you to gain a better exposure in the trade

with an online forex tutorial. There are several trading automation systems which offer free

educational tutorials for vendors and learners are able to master due skills with regard to various

aspects of Forex, very fast.

Earlier, it was very difficult to find a reliable trading tutorial and there are several reasons for

the same. Forex, at that time was restricted to big financial institutions and companies and as

such these tutorials were not regarded as that relevant. There were very few traders who required

forex software. However, with the introduction of the cyberspace, forex did start making an

impact on the multitude of unfledged forex investors, who were in a literal rush to make millions

as fast as possible.

Where to find forex tutorial

Nowadays, there are a number of sources to refer to, when it comes to learning about Forex

trading. A lot of budding traders, taking help of forex tutorial prefer the advantage of online

availability. This enables to learn trading during their free time. Plus they have the freedom

of attending these tutorial sessions anytime they want and from any place they like—just with

the help of an internet connection. However, if you, as a student, are really interested in having

a one-on-one interaction with your teacher, then you might as well want to opt for an offline


As a newbie, it is really not that difficult for traders to appreciate the benefits offered by forex

tutorial. One of the major reasons that traders opt for this service is the material offered by it. If

utilized properly, these materials can actually help you, to a great extent, in attaining success in

the field. However, as a trader, it’s up to you as to how well you understand the strengths and

drawbacks of forex as an investment option. These materials should be utilized to understand

the market properly. If you are not able to understand the market even after taking help of these

tutorials then you will not be able to succeed in any circumstance, whatsoever. That is why, any

reliable forex tutorial that you come across will tell you that taking their help will only prove

worthwhile when you are able to utilize the knowledge for your success, otherwise it will be

rendered useless. However, what we can tell you is that the more you read these rules the better

are you able to understand the market and its rules.

Which features should an ideal forex tutorial have?

There is no dearth of forex trading tutorials around. However, in order to zero in on the most

reliable one among them, you should be aware of the ideal features backing these tutorials. The

tutorial should have a proper introduction to what currency trading or forex trading is all about.

You should be able to clearly understand the currency market jargon and learn how to read

market quotes. Make sure you keep these points in view while selecting your preferred tutorial.

Things That Beginners Need To Know About Forex Trading

Forex is one of the most exciting global markets open to investors – allowing individuals and corporations alike to buy or sell currencies in the hope of winning big on movement predictions. Each trade involves taking a position on a currency pair’s future direction by selling or buying one currency against another at the current exchange rate.


For example, if you were buying a British Pound and Euro pair, you would buy the pound and sell the euro, on the expectation for a raise in value on the cross-rate price. This would bring you profits in line with the increase.


The market is high risk and high reward


The forex market is a truly global beast, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Anyone can trade forex, but there are significant risks to doing so without preparation and education.


Image Credit

Successful traders prioritise their education


Wise investors will learn trading basics to begin with, and develop strategies as their knowledge increases – rather than diving straight in. The potential to lose money is vast – as of course is the potential to gain it, but with forex being such a complex beast, success is far more likely for those who take the time to learn how to trade properly, and with a strategic framework in place. There are plenty of resources to begin your education – whether you take a forex course or learn online using resources at a site such as primetrade.


Successful traders understand technology


Modern forex trading is facilitated by online platforms. These allow traders to buy, sell and check their portfolio and market indices at any time of day. This allows the market to be accessible at the drop of a hat – unlike the vast majority of other trading routes and markets.


You must understand numbers


Traders who develop profitable forex strategies don’t shy away from numbers; in fact they will prioritise their affinity with indices, measures, graphs, statistics, currencies, trends and other tools for gaining numerical insight. Trading must never be made on a gut instinct – but based on your own strategy and ‘rules’. Alongside this, you must always prioritise facts and figures, rather than letting your emotions take over.


Strategy – and emotion management – are key


The most successful traders will develop their strategy over time – and stick to it. They will be able to hold their nerve and manage their emotions when the market is moving quickly, rather than constantly tweaking their approach in an attempt to ‘beat’ the market. Knee-jerking invariably leaves to financial loss.


Play first with numbers – later with money


Most online trading platforms will allow you to experiment with your new skills and develop trading abilities without putting your money on the line. It is highly advisable to spend time learning the ropes before putting your money forward. And be extremely careful with options to obtain leverage. This is one of the more unique features of the forex market, and it can be extremely dangerous in inexperienced hands.


Start small, start steady, and take every opportunity to learn – and you will see the results

Advantages of Binary Options over Traditional Options

When it comes to selecting the right investment for your own personal needs it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of traditional investing with newer forms of investment vehicles such as binary options. Binary options are a great way that you can make profits investing through speculation. Unlike some other traditional forms of investment there are some great short-term gains that you can experience with binary options and some other amazing advantages that makes this a very popular option for many people interested in making quick money investing in easy to understand assets.

The advantages of binary options:

1. Controlled risk: unlike some other traditional forms of investment binary options control the amount of risk. For every contract that an investor takes out with binary options, your risk and reward is set at the time that the contract for your binary options investment is created. Other options and investments have no boundaries meaning that you could potentially earn more money but your risk is also limitless as well. This means that your investment losses can be far greater when using traditional forms of investment over binary options.

2. The process of trading is simpler: rather than having to drastically track your investments of binary options contract has a set end date meaning that you won’t have to constantly strategize when the best time to sell or trade your investments. By doing the research up front and casually tracking the price movement on the asset for the binary option you will be able to prepare for a profit or loss when the expiration date is reached. Speculation and research up front is really the most difficult part of trading binary options.

3. You can receive large profits from small gains: as long as your option ends up in the money, you will receive the full amount agreed on for your binary options contract. This means that if your investment moves up just one Pip before the expiration date you will still receive your entire payoff amount. Even small movements in the market can mean big profits with binary options.

4. You can make money in the short term: many investments are long-term investments meaning that you will have to purchase the asset and then watch it for several months or even years before you can make a profit. With binary options contracts can close multiple times to the trading day or last a few months at a time. It is possible however to make great short-term money by performing multiple binary options trades a day in this type of short-term profit isn’t something you can receive through traditional investing.

Equity Curve Trading

Day trading or swing trading can provide an ongoing income stream. However, before you can depend on making money in Forex trading, you have to spend a considerable amount of time learning all the aspects of Forex and be able to formulate your own effective trading systems.

In addition to developing techniques for positive short term trading, a good trader must also know how to properly manage his account. Money management, or risk management is a key factor in being profitable and traders should understand the risks that are involved in Forex and how they can still come out ahead. Anyone trading Forex must keep in mind that losing is not only part of the game; it is the primary part of the game. You will have more losses than wins with Forex but if you manage your money properly, your winning trades will be more lucrative than your losses and you will come out on top in the long run, See more on  Effective money management means knowing how to react when your trading plan goes in the opposite direction to what was anticipated and you see your money slowly withering away. It means not allowing your emotions to take over, triggering the wrong moves at the wrong times.

Anyone investing money in any financial instrument knows that losses are a guaranteed part of trading. No system is full proof and no one wins 100% of the time. So you need to expect your trades to end up in a loss at least 50% of the time. And if one loss follows directly after another it can result in a sizable blow to your total portfolio despite the odds that the next few trades will be positive. There is no one to blame for these results. Short term trades are random and cannot be predicted. Forex markets are highly volatile and prices move direction quickly. We all make mistakes, interpret the figures subjectively and end up entering and exiting at the wrong time.

Equity Curve Trading

One way to protect ourselves from losing streaks is to use ‘equity curve trading’, a system employed by professional traders for many years and which has now become part of many auto-trading computers and robots.

Equity curve trading plots your ever-changing account equity against its own moving average. There are at least two basic ways to implement this idea. The most basic and commonly used method in live forex trading is to stop trading when the equity curve crosses above or below its moving average and to resume trading on a crossover in the opposite direction. You would typically stop trading when the equity curve crosses below the moving average if your system or method tends to produce streaks of wins and losses, so that when it starts to lose, it’s best to stop trading until it starts winning again.

If, on the other hand, your system tends to “revert to the mean” — after several wins, it starts to lose, and vice-versa — you would typically stop trading after the equity crosses above the moving average.

A more subtle method for implementing equity curve trading is also possible. Rather than starting and stopping trading on crossovers of the equity curve, you would reduce or increase the position size on moving average crossovers. For example, you might increase the position size for the currently selected method by X% when the equity crosses above the moving average. You might also decrease the position size by Y% when the equity crosses below the moving average.

Equity curve trading can be used in Forex to protect yourself from a continual losing streak while increasing your chances of profiting by placing trades at the right time.

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